This Japanese-Peruvian Fusion Bottomless Brunch Is The Best Of Both Worlds

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Send your taste buds on a world tour at Ayllu’s bottomless brunch.

We live in a world blessed with choices, and nowhere is that truer than the London brunch scene. But if you’re concerned that there’s almost too much choice out there, we’ve found a brunch that lets you experience two of the world’s most delicious cuisines at the same time. Ayllu in Paddington is a Nikkei restaurant, which fuses the food cultures of Peru and Japan in one delectable brunch. And happily, we’ve sorted out some tickets for you to go and try it!


Inspired by chef William Tardio Salvador’s Lima upbringing, along with the strong Japanese influences which a thriving immigrant community has brought to Peru’s food scene, Ayllu is one of the best spots in London for Nikkei food. If you’ve not encountered it yet, you’re in for a treat; Nikkei cuisine takes Peruvian ingredients and uses Japanese techniques and flavours to create a dining experience unlike any other.


Their excellent bottomless brunch takes a detour from the usual two-course London brunch, by steering you gleefully through five fabulous courses. Start with ceviche mixto, flavoured with gingerr and lime, and then try the charron roll, made with avocado, pork, lime, tare sauce, and kimchi mayo. Then, it’s onto lomo saltado (flat iron steak with chunky chips, tomato, onions, and rice) and aji de gallina – pulled chicken breast flavoured with chili, bread, and milk. The brunch concludes with traditional Peruvian truffles, with flavours of orange, coconut, lucuma, cancha, and queso fresco all featured.

No two ways about it: you won’t be leaving Ayllu anything but stuffed. Oh, and if you can tear your eyes away from the food for long enough, you can also enjoy 90 minutes of bottomless prosecco or mimosas – which aren’t native to either Peru or Japan, but are certainly very welcome in London!

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