Torrential Rain, High Winds, And Below-Average Temperatures Will Hit Britain This Week

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It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn and oh my, what a frosty reception we’re getting.

The UK is set to experience heavy downpours, winds of up to 30mph and surprisingly low temperatures this week. Following intermittent showers yesterday (Wednesday, September 23), the weather will continue to be unpleasant over the next couple of days.

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Tom Morgan, spokesman for Met Office, said “The next few days will be dominated by low pressure, with gales in the south west and rain sweeping across most parts of the UK.” According to Morgan, temperatures will plummet from the mid-20s we’ve seen over the last month, to around 10-12C, which is far below the average temperature for this time of the year. Turns out we have Hurricane Teddy in Greenland to blame for the shift in temperature. It’s brought cold air and stormy Atlantic low pressure to Britain, as well as strong winds and whole lot of rain. Thanks Teddy.

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Unfortunately, next week’s forecast isn’t looking a whole lot brighter either. Low temperatures, widespread frost and, you guessed it, more rain is predicted all over England throughout the week. BBC forecaster Helen Willets said “Gale force winds will usher in clusters of heavy showers, hail and thunder in their midst. Little bit of sunshine in between but it is going to feel a lot cooler again because of those strong and gusty winds, which could cause some damage across England and Wales.” So it’s not all bad news, as there will be bursts of sunshine here and there – but it’s probably time to bring your umbrella out of hibernation.

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