Turn Your Living Room Into An Escape Room With These Incredible At-Home Escape Games

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Turn Your Living Room Into An Escape Room With These Incredible At-Home Escape Games

The lockdown may be winding down, but it’s still fun to try and plot your escape.

Thanks to Escape Kit, you can now take part in brilliant escape rooms from your living room. A slight upgrade from that Sunday evening ennui that comes from facing another week of work, these escape kits allow you to recreate mysterious and immersive universes at home. Easily the most exciting form of entertainment to zhuzh up a slow weekend!
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This innovative concept launched back in January 2018, and has been a big hit with families ever since. They’ve definitely come into their own as a result of the lockdown; Escape Kit provides families and housemates with original escape games, accessible to everyone from the age of six.

They have many universes and themes to choose from: from ‘The Sleeping Curse’, based on Harry Potter, to ‘Heist of the Century’, inspired by Money Heist. Each of the games are targeted at different age groups. Whatever you choose, you’ll be transported to a world away from here—away from COVID-19 and faced, instead, with various riddles, missions and mysteries.

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You’ll be provided with everything you need to take part and immerse yourself in the story, from accessories, props, posters and invitations, to certificates for the best investigator. You’ll even be sent a YouTube playlist to create the perfect ambiance. We told you these things were immersive!

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Think board game-cum-treasure hunt, the revolutionary Escape Kit will help you reach new levels of fun. To take part in one of these awesome at-home escape games, here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose your game from all the exciting themes on offer
  • Download, print and cut out all the elements for the game.
  • Install your Escape Game at home.
  • Start the countdown: you have one hour to escape!

Ready for a mad adventure? You can purchase your Escape Kit here.

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