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Back in the summer of 2019, we were getting excited about the arrival of yet another new food hall in London. The long awaited Arcade Food Theatre finally opened at Centre Point in July 2019, promising a grand new culinary destination with a rather enticing food lineup. TL;DR — it had a bit of a rough start, receiving mixed reviews and ultimately being forced to close due to the pandemic only eight months after its launch. However, it’s about to return with a major makeover and a new name early next year, and it might actually be a huge success this time around. Here’s what it looked like back when it opened:

JKS Restaurants picked up the former concept and is now relaunching it as the Arcade Food Hall. The space will feature eight new kitchens, an independent restaurant on the mezzanine level, a counter dining experience as well as a standalone bar and outdoor dining when it reopens early next year. And while the food lineup remains a mystery for now, you can expect to feast on delicious Thai curries, Indonesian street food, North Indian fast food, Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern shawarma, Japanese sushi, and American-style burgers. Honestly, what more could you want?

For lighter fare, there’ll also be a daily provisions counter serving coffee, lunchtime sandwiches, and pastries. Adding to the excitement is a rumoured “sensual and luxurious dessert experience from the UK’s most exciting confectionery connoisseurs”, which can only be a really good thing. Instead of shopping mall-style queues and pick-ups, Arcade Food Hall will now offer table service and even a “digital food hall” where visitors can collect orders from several kitchens at once. Don’t mind if I do…

Check back here for more details once they emerge, and mark your calendars for a food-fuelled visit to Centre Point this winter.

Arcade Food Hall is set to open at Centre Point,

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