Andrew Scott’s Powerful One Man Play Is Now Streaming Online

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Andrew Scott

Sea Wall is available online until Monday.

Carving out a career playing a Bond villain, Sherlock’s famed nemesis, and the Hot Priest is all well and good, but before Andrew Scott managed any of this, he appeared in a critically-acclaimed one-man show: Sea Wall. And right now, you can streaming the quietly devastating show on YouTube without paying a penny.

Scott first appeared in Sea Wall – which was written by playwright Simon Stephens, perhaps best known for writing the stage version of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – back in 2009, and revived the performance in 2018 for The Old Vic’s 200th birthday celebrations. The play follows Alex, a man who seems on the surface to have it all, but is having to come to terms with life taking things away (rather relevant for these times, isn’t it?).

The YouTube performance doesn’t take place on the stage, but it was directed by Stephens and Andrew Porter, and loses none of its potency for it. You’ve got until May 18 at 9pm to catch the performance, so why not take 34 minutes out of your day to enjoy the powerful monologue?

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