Visit This Cosy Neighbourhood Theatre To Watch Some A-List Hollywood Performances

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

Visit This Cosy Neighbourhood Theatre To Watch Some A-List Hollywood Performances

The Almeida began its life as a literary and scientific society – complete with library, lecture theatre and laboratory.

But, voted London Theatre Of The Year 2018, it’s become a must-visit place for anyone who wants an evening of culture. This reputation for putting on a good show is fully deserved, and tickets book up weeks in advance (here’s the link if you’re feeling organised).

But if the seat layout online confuses you, it’s because the Almeida differs from your typical viewing experience. Unlike traditional theatres, you’ll find a horseshoe-shaped auditorium here, which means you’ll have great views from every angle. Over time, it’s become a theatre that consistently puts on wonderful productions with a strong cast and music to match.

Inside, you might feel more like you’re in a traditional old-brick pub rather than a theatre but you’ll soon realise you’re witnessing some of the best of the best once the show starts. First up, and running until June 6, is “Three Sisters”. You’ll also be able to watch “The Twilight Zone”, (until June 1) a production that leads you on a chilling journey into the unknown, through eight stories set where the extraordinary is ordinary, the impossible probable, and where you’re never entirely sure what’s real and what’s your imagination. Later in the year, the world premiere of “The Hunt” (June 17 – August 3) is coming to the Almeida, or browse through the rest of the pickings here.

Like any good bar, Almeida’s theatre bar gets crowded before and after showtime, but the buzzing atmosphere means it’s the perfect place to stop for a drink before you head off home. Try the Grand Marnier Grand 75 or Grand Tonic for a swish twist on your evening.

This article was sponsored by Grand Marnier. We recommend starting your evening at the theatre with a delicious GrandMarnier Grand Tonic or a Grand Marnier Grand 75 cocktail at the Almeida’s bar. 18+ only. Please drink responsibly. For all the facts, visit drinkaware.co.uk. Follow Grand Marnier on Instagram or at grandmarnier.co.uk

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