Hop On An All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train And Explore The Mexican Countryside

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Hop On An All-You-Can-Drink Tequila Train And Explore The Mexican Countryside

Travel from Guadalajara to Tequila, fuelled by bottomless tequila cocktails.

I’ve already confessed my love for tequila in a previous article about a hotel in one of Mexico’s treasured tequila distilleries where, yes, you can sleep in a barrel and drink the spirit straight from the source. So, of course, it was only right that I be the one to write this article. While it is a dream for many to drink free-flowing tequila on a train ride through the gorgeous Mexican countryside, I can pretty much guarantee that I want this more than you; what with being six months pregnant and deprived of alcohol for what seems like an eternity (wow, reading that over I feel obliged to tell you that I am in fact fine and will be a brilliant mother, I promise). Anyway, enough. You’re not here to read about my journey to motherhood—you’re here for the tequila train, which is clearly a far more exhilarating expedition. So let’s jump aboard.

The Jose Cuervo Express is back after a brief hiatus last year for reasons I won’t bother to explain to you (ahem, it begins with C). The train now has a fancy new Elite Wagon kitted out with luxury furniture, huge, sightseeing-friendly windows, and an open bar stocked with bespoke tequila cocktails. Guests can also choose to take part in Mexican-style bingo and an expert-led Jose Cuervo tasting along the way—and there will be plenty of Mexican snacks provided to make sure you don’t tequil-over.

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For more affordable options, you can grab a seat in the train’s Express Wagon, or its Premium Plus and Diamond cars, which also feature booze and views (just none of the tastings and less of the cocktails). No matter where you are sat however, the train will make a couple of stops along the way, giving you the opportunity to see some beautiful spots; including a stunning agave field.

Trains depart every other Saturday and the whole trip takes about 11 hours, with plenty of time factored in to explore the tipsy town of Tequila itself.

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