Get Behind The Scenes At Alison Jackson’s Scandalously Lifelike Celebrity Shoots

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Get Behind The Scenes At Alison Jackson’s Scandalously Lifelike Celebrity Shoots

Alison Jackson’s show ‘Double Fake’ is coming to London next month.

BAFTA award winning artist Alison Jackson is known for her outrageous films and photographs of celebrities, politicians and royals. At first look, you’d be forgiven for believing the scandalous behaviour – however, after a double take, you’ll notice they’re just wildly realistic doppelgängers. All very tongue-in-cheek, her artwork shows what world famous people might get up to in their personal lives – things that we’ve all probably imagined but would never see in real life.

Alison Jackson Doublefake Leicester SquareShe’s hitting the Leicester Square Theatre with ‘Double Fake’ next month, where she’ll be bringing her art to life. During the show’s short run, from March 5 to 7, Jackson will demonstrate how she creates her work: from casting and styling to the actual shoots.

She says: “We are a nation obsessed with celebrity, and in this show I’m going to challenge your mind to see what’s real, and what’s lurking in your twisted imagination.”

Alison Jackson Doublefake Leicester Square

Expect some hilarious anecdotes of how she styled Trump’s wig or how she made Kim K’s butt. There’ll also be live photo shoots, where you’ll be able to take selfies with these celebrities.

Alison Jackson Doublefake Leicester Square

Alison Jackson won a BAFTA for her work on the BBC 2 series Doubletake, a comedy based on celebrity lookalikes in somewhat embarrassing situations, all seen through CCTV footage and home videos. She’s also behind the mockumentary, Blaired Vision, which tells the story of Tony Blair’s exit from office.

Alison Jackson Doublefake Leicester Square
If it helps your ego, Don…

The artist’s most recent work focuses on the life of Donald Trump, from his fake tan and his toupee, to his controversial relationships with Miss Mexico and the Ku Klux Klan. Of course, he’s threatened to sue her, but that hasn’t stopped her.

Double Fake runs from March 5 to March 7 at the Leicester Square Theatre. Tickets cost £19.25 and you can purchase them here.

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