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Algerian Coffee Stores

Algerian Coffee Stores know a thing or two about the brew.

Coffee in this town has become very tribal. Some swear by Costa, some die by Starbucks, some live in the hope of a free Pret coffee. Well, it’s time for you to forswear your old allegiances, because your new favourite has been here all along. In fact, it got here long before the others did, because the Algerian Coffee Stores have perked up Londoners since 1887.

Algerian Coffee Stores
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Back when Victoria ruled England and the Eiffel Tower was just beginning to rise, Algerian Coffee Stores set up shop on Old Compton Street. They’re still there today, proudly boasting having weathered 130 years. The coffee’s a little fresher, thankfully. Algerian Coffee Stores stock eighty types of bean from all corners of the globe. Just for good measure, they have a supply of over 120 teas, for those who prefer the leaf to the bean.

Algerian Coffee Stores
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Nearly a century and a half of expertise, and beans from all over the world, in Soho. All of those things should point to an extortionately priced cup of coffee, but no. Algerian Coffee Stores sell espressos for the princely sum of £1, whether that be a single or a double. Guaranteed to perk you up in the morning, no doubt about it.

Algerian Coffee Stores
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Those searching for a longer drink can plump for a similarly expensive cappuccino or latte, which will set you back all of £1.20. Algerian Coffee Stores also stock confectionery for those with a sweet tooth. Alternatively, they’ll sell you all the kit you need to make premium coffee at home. But with a £1 brew on offer, why would you need to?

Algerian Coffee Stores
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Location: 52 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 4PB. Nearest stations are Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 9am-7pm (Monday to Wednesday), 9am-9pm (Thursday and Friday), 9am-8pm (Saturdays). Closed on Sundays.
Price: £1 for espresso, £1.20 for cappuccinos and lattes.
More information: from their website.

Featured image: @isa_ades

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