How To Get Drinks Delivered To You Anywhere In Central London, Day And Night

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Beer and wine delivery London

London’s new alcohol delivery service can top you up in thirty minutes, day and night.

Has your picnic prosecco run dry? Friends dropped by unannounced? Or has your house party been unexpectedly depleted of drinks? Imagine a world where you could fix all these problems with a simple click of a button.

New drinks delivery service Kol is here to help you out double-lively, which means there’s no off-licence trek required. The even better news is that with the code SECRETLONDON you’ll get £10 off  your first order!

Their team of booze-carrying bikers can deliver your drink of choice to anywhere in Zone 1 and parts of Zone 2:

Alcohol delivery in Central London

They’ll be with you within thirty minutes and it runs until 5 am, Thursday through Sunday.

Making it easier to focus on the more important things in life, like perfecting those dance moves you saw on YouTube that one time. So much more exciting than that dreaded walk to the 24-hour store for last minute supplies, right?

Get alcohol delivered to your home.

They deliver beer, wine, bubbly and spirits along with essentials like mixed nuts to keep your hungry guests happy before dinner.

They even supply Haribo and Kinder Bueno so you can simultaneously stock up on booze and satisfy your sweet tooth.


Each drink you order is delivered at just the right drinking temperature.

Your beers will be refreshingly cool, your vodka freezing, and your red wine just room temperature. Don’t ask how they do it, they’ve got this down to a fine art.

Wine in the park

But convenience comes at a price… Psych! It actually doesn’t.

Kol’s prices are corner-shop competitive, with a bottle of bubbly just over £10 and a Gordon’s gin at £20, for example. They’ll always have your back because they change their stocks monthly, so you’ll be buying big brands with not-so-big price tags.

Spirits and alcohol drinks delivered in London.

Save the free app (for iOS or Android) on your phone, ready for that summer evening when the rosé runs out – don’t forget to claim £10 off with your SECRETLONDON code.

Kol-App, the alcohol delivery service in London

Have a browse at the Kol website.

18+ only. Keep calm and always drink responsibly, right? Good.

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