Enjoy An Immersive Evening With Aladdin Inside Waterloo’s Underground Vaults

April Curtin April Curtin


It’s time to hop on your magic carpet towards the Waterloo Vaults for an immersive evening at Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders.

Following the sell-out success of Beauty and The Feast, the whimsical imagination of Darling & Edge has whipped up another thrilling theatrical adult pantomime, inspired by Aladdin and the Genie.

This mesmerising event features a dazzling cast of cabaret performers and drag kings and queens, setting the scene for The Sultan to find a suitor for his heir.


Considered London’s home for immersive theatre, The Vaults‘ maze of underground tunnels in the disused railway arches of Waterloo station will open your mind to the unusual, the daring and the unknown. It truly is a whole new world.

The Vaults (Photo: @thevaultsuk)

Dine on a five course banquet bursting with exotic flavours: from Asian-inspired street food to coffee-roasted carrots and tagine with pineapple salsa… finished off with the Genie’s surprise dessert and washed down with jewel-themed cocktails. A feast fit for a prince.

But as the booze flows and the dinner goes, you may wish you had thought twice about touching the forbidden treasures…

The Vaults (Photo: @thevaultsuk)

Aladdin and the Feast of Wonders will take you on an enchanting journey through Scrubbers Lane and the widow’s laundrette. You’ll stop for a feast in Sultan’s Palace before ending the night at a fabulous street party, with plenty of tunes to boast your magical moves.

Dress like a street urchin to fit in on the streets, or glam up in glittering finery to mix with royalty.


The tale will unfurl in the Cave of Wonders, with all the characters you expect in all the ways you won’t – shining, shimmering, splendid.

Will you unlock the Cave’s mysteries? Will you be a drag or be a queen? Is the Genie really at the bottom of that bottle?


The disco balls will spin and the chandeliers will swing! So abandon formal dances and leave your manners at the door. Get ready for a wild night of wining, dining and pantomiming.

👉🚨 There’s only five days left, so get your tickets now!