These Incredible Escape Rooms Are Guaranteed To Test Your Wits

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AIM Escape

At AIM Escape Rooms, you’ll find four perplexing puzzles to test even escape room veterans…

Whoever thought that holding people hostage in a fiendishly puzzling room for an hour would prove so popular? London’s wildly successful escape rooms are here to stay, and for one of the trickiest challenges in town, you’d be foolish to overlook AIM Escape in Aldgate East. Fully immersive, meticulously put together, and all kinds of fun, AIM Escape’s array of purpose-built, multi-room escape challenges will have you and your pals scratching heads and hunting clues in no time. Here are the four incredible challenges you can enjoy…

Patient Zero 2150

AIM Escape

Imagine all the nightmare scenarios about the end of the world – rogue scientists, renegade nations, escaped pathogens, etc – mix them up together and stick them in a head-scratching escape room, and you’ll end up with Patient Zero 2150. Your mission is to contain a virus which turns humans into the living dead, working your way around a creepy underground facility to do so. You’ll need a strong stomach and all your wits to escape this one, or else your only concern from here on will be brainnnssss… Give it a try here.

Psychopath’s Den

AIM Escape

Like a horror movie come to life, this blood-spattered escape room is not for the faint of heart. Maybe it was the torture instruments covering the walls that gave it away, or the creeping sense that someone is stalking you from the shadows? This can only be the work of a psychopath, and you’ll have to play his games to escape with your limbs intact! Here’s how to join in.

Spy Heroes

AIM Escape

Thankfully, not all the puzzles at AIM Escape are quite so horrifying. For an escape room that families can enjoy, enter the high-stakes world of international espionage in Spy Heroes. Your pal James has been snatched by the malevolent Mr Supervillain, and you’re the only one who can save him – but this will require you to solve clues in his high-tech HQ, which also features a tricky laser maze. Find your tickets here.

Hangover Déjà Brew

AIM Escape

Definitely not for little ones is this one, as AIM Escape’s comedy escape room is strictly 18+. A stag night has gotten wildly out of hand, and whilst everyone is feeling the ill effects the next morning, you’re more concerned about the missing groom. With only hours to go before the wedding starts, you’ve got to clear your head, sift through the debauchery, and figure out which beer-soaked clues can lead you to your missing buddy. Your tickets are available here.

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Open seven days a week, peak and off-peak times available.
Games start from £25.

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