Become A Rockstar For The Night At This Epic Immersive Experience

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Become A Rockstar For The Night At This Epic Immersive Experience

Ever dreamed you’d become a rockstar one day? Perhaps you’re still dreaming?

Well, we’ve got just the night for you.

With an exclusive ‘Access All Areas’ pass, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Kiki Kink, the outrageous and ostentatious owner of Wired Records. The label is struggling after Kiki’s stint in rehab, but she’s attempting to salvage her once-mighty record label by putting on some sh*t hot, exclusive gigs. And you have an important role to play.

Coming to a secret location later this year, this immersive experience will whisk you up in a crazy whirlwind of paparazzi, parties, and private rides. By the end of the evening, you may find yourself a lot closer to the action than you first anticipated…

Access All Areas is a unique experience where the worlds of theatre and music collide. There will be three tiers of tickets that will take you on three different journeys that, when combined, produce the first fully immersive live music experience!

The experience will last approximately two hours—ending in an exclusive, intimate gig—and you’ll need to be willing to work with the rest of the team to make Kiki’s dream come true.

Yes, it’s mysterious. But aren’t you intrigued?

Join the waiting list to be the first to find out about tickets.

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