The Famous Abbey Road Crossing Has Been Repainted Now That The Streets Are Quiet

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Abbey Road Crossing

The Abbey Road crossing is looking sharp once more.

Now, stories about the back roads of St John’s Wood being repainted don’t usually make it onto Secret London, for obvious reason. However, when it’s perhaps the most famous stretch of tarmac in music history getting a touch-up, that’s when we start to take notice. To whit, the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing – made famous by The Beatles – has been repainted during the coronavirus lockdown, in a bid to get it looking fresh once more. (Featured image: @icons4me2)

Aside from maybe Christmas Day, this is perhaps the only time the zebra crossing is quiet enough to work on without disrupting legions of music fans, all itching for the chance to pose as The Beatles once did. Years of appearing in photos has taken its toll, with the crossing looking rather worse for wear. And quite apart from the indignity of this happening to a London landmark, it was also getting a little more hazardous for road safety.

Thankfully, the repainting of the Abbey Road Crossing has now been completed, so when the lockdown ends, the tourists return, and the sun shines, you can expect an avalanche of photos once more. With a very spiffy looking crossing in the background!

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