An ABBA-Themed Boat Party Will Cruise Down The Thames This Summer

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ABBA Boat Party

If ABBA floats your boat, you’ll love this floating celebration.

Ready for a top day out on the Water(loo)? This simply sensational cruise is setting off from Embankment for a smashing summer adventure, rolling down the river to the tunes of ABBA’s best hits. The ABBA Boat Party will be cruising on Saturday, August 22 — and tickets are on sale now! Can you really afford to miss out?

A lovely tribute on the tributary (we know the Thames isn’t a tributary, but let us have this one for wordplay), the ABBA Boat Party is a three and a half hour jaunt down the river and back aboard good ship The Hurlingham. The fun begins with a complimentary drink, and Dancing Queens will no doubt make a beeline for the top deck, where a live DJ will spin out a mix of ABBA classics – along with some chart hits to switch things up a little.

ABBA Boat Party

That means stunning views of The Shard, Tower Bridge, The Globe, and a whole host of other famed sites, all set to the tune of top-notch 70s pop. If you’re worn out by all the dancing, the lower deck has a chillout area and observation platform, which is perfect for a bit of respite – or for a quick snuggle with your SO as the mellow tunes of Fernando drift from above…

To keep visitors safe and healthy, organisers will be running the ABBA Boat Party at a reduced capacity to adhere to the government’s social distancing regulations.With two floors and an outside deck, the boat is well-ventilated, and free PPE – including masks and hand sanitiser – will be on offer for anyone who’d like it, allowing you to get back to the important business of grooving along to Angel Eyes. We’re pretty confident there’s nothing quite like this floating on the Thames, so don’t miss out. Tickets will go rapidly, so just remember – The Winner Takes It All!

Find your tickets to the ABBA Boat Party here.

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