A Havana Club Spiced Cream Van Is Touring The UK This Summer

Antonia Van Dunem Antonia Van Dunem

Havana Club Spiced Cream Van

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Spiced Cream!

This summer, an amazing Havana Club Spiced Cream Van is touring the UK, delighting Brits with delicious spiced rum ice cream, Havana Club merch, cocktails and more! That’s right folks, your favourite summer snack is getting a grown-up makeover and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s ice cream…but it’s also a rum cocktail…but it’s ice cream. Let’s be honest, we all know we’re going to be chasing this ice cream van down the street!

Havana Club Spiced Cream Van

Want to get the inside scoop on where to find this van of dreams? The Havana Club Spiced Cream Van will start it’s epic quest across the UK up in Scotland, where it will be bringing joy and sweet treats to the people of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Before working its way through the north of England, stopping off at Leeds and Manchester. The Spiced Cream Van will then roll through Birmingham, before parking up at its final stop in London! See the full schedule below:

  • Glasgow and Edinburgh: July 31 – August 5
  • Leeds: August 6 – 12
  • Manchester: August 13 – 19
  • Birmingham: August 20 – 25
  • London: August 26 – September 5

Havana Club Spiced Cream Van Meeting up with friends? Planning a cute date? A trip to the Havana Club Spiced Cream Van will never disappoint! Grab your partner in crime and visit a Havana Club venue during the dates of the van tour to enjoy #Spicedvibes this summer.

The Spiced Cream Van tour is all in honour of the brand new Havana Club Cuban Spiced – a delicious new drop which takes its inspiration from the distinctive flavours of Cuba. One sip will transport your taste buds to tropical shores, as you enjoy Havana Club double aged rum blended with sweet vanilla and aromatic spices, with hints of juicy ripe guava, toasted coconut and fresh pineapple! Yum. 

The mouthwatering tropical flavours of Havana Club Cuban Spiced pair perfectly with cola or ginger beer for a simple summer serve. Or you can mix it with coconut water or tropical fruit juices too! Cuban Spiced is also 10/10 incredible in classic cocktails – Spiced Daiquiri or Spiced Espresso Martini, anyone? And lest we forget, it also makes a mean ice cream too…

Seriously, if your happiest childhood memories involve running after the ice cream van, it’s time to enjoy your daily dose of nostalgia served with a tasty cocktail.

Plan your visit to the Havana Club Spiced Cream Van this summer!

Please drink responsibly. 18+ only. 

For full details about where the van is headed check out @havanaclubuk 




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