6 Of The Sexiest Things You Can Do In London When You Get That Feeling

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6 Of The Sexiest Things You Can Do In London When You Get That Feeling

It’s summer. It’s hot and stuffy. And everyone is getting kind of bored at work. Call it the mid-July-effect. Call it the I’m-bored-in-my-relationship effect. Call it whatever you think sounds less brash than just saying, “guys, I’m feeling horny”. Either way, Secret London isn’t going to judge. Here’s 6 of the sexiest things going on at the moment in our nation’s capital – just for pure inspiration, obviously.


1. Meditate Your Way To A More Intense Orgasm With TurnOn London

So we all know that strengthening your pelvic floor muscles can improve a woman’s orgasm and we’ve all been desperately downward dogging in an attempt to reach ‘yogasm’ ever since but have you heard of Orgasmic Meditation? TurnOn London hold a variety of workshops across the capital designed to help people focus on and become more aware of the feelings they’re experiencing during a sexual moment. Not only is it supposed to improve individuals’ intimate lives but it’s also said to reduce stress and enhance general well being – so it’s healthy too!


2. Try A Night In A Fetish Bed & Breakfast

[Better Than A Bed]
Better Than A Bed is a gorgeous Georgian apartment in Fitzrovia. But it’s also kind of more than that. It’s got a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, breakfast served in the morning – and a BDSM area. Complete with spanking bench, sex sling, stretch rack, cage, throne, rubber bondage sack, iron cuffs and collars, and, um, a Venus 2000 male milking and masturbation machine, it’s pretty well-equipped. If you’re into that sort of thing.


3. Taste Some Aphrodisiac Cocktails

Andy Seach of Barfly UK is a gin specialist who offers upmarket, expertly mixed tipples at some of London’s swishest events. He also offers a fantastic ‘Gintimate’ service whereby he will visit your house, give a fascinating lesson about the (dirtier than you would realise) history of gin, and mix up a variety of aphrodisiac cocktails. He then goes home, which is kind of a crucial to the development of your night…


4. Receive an erotic education from Sh!

Adult emporium in Hoxton Square are famous for their women-only erotic education workshops. Now they’re a bit more lenient and men are allowed in to the shop too (provided it’s with a female chaperone – ha!) Women can attend masterclasses in the fellatio technique and learn how to improve their general game, in a totally open and relaxing environment. Sounds almost cute.


5. Do Some Naked Yoga

[Naked Yoga]
Naked Yoga London encourages you to bare all in order to “connect deeper” with the meaning of yoga and get better results. Normally, we prefer to take our clothes off after we’ve got into shape but this approach is really kind of liberating.


6. Embrace Your Inner Voyeur

[High Snobiety]
If you get past the strict door policy, The Box in Soho is like lifting the lid on Pandora’s box (and everything that comes tumbling out is beautiful and crazy and sometimes disgusting). OTT shows with everything from naked aerialists, drag queens, Japanese bondage and some rather questionable “toilet-humour” are staged throughout the night. And the barmen are beautiful. Get voyeuristic – no one’s watching you.


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