5 Wonderful Ways To Treat Yourself At Westfield

Annie Simon Annie Simon - Commercial Editor


Who said your new normal has to be boring? Hit home runs, eat bibimbap and bag yourself some doughnuts for dessert!

Sometimes it’s all too easy to get caught up in our work, our kids, our everyday stresses…but not today! The truth is that we all deserve a chance to unwind, let loose and get back to living our best lives once again. A chance to try out fun new activities, treat ourselves to a self-care day, and enjoy great food with our family…

Of course, that all sounds amazing but where on earth are you meant to begin? Well, block off a day in your diary, head on down to Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush or Westfield Stratford City, and we’ll guide you through all the shiny, new things to do in your favourite shopping centres. From fab new Korean food to a chance to work on your batting skills, we’ve got it all mapped out for you. So, read on to find everything you need for the perfect day out.


  1. It doesn’t get better than brunch…
    For the perfect start to your day, you’ve just got to begin with brunch. It’s delicious, it’s indulgent, it’s the physical embodiment of the words “treat yo’self”. We love the Soho-style French Toast and at Balans Soho Society, but if you’re feeling particularly bougie then why not go for their Lobster Benedict with a Balans Bloody Mary on the side? Any crepe at Crepe Affaire can satisfy a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, veggies and vegans, you really can’t go wrong with the Vegan Breakfast at Bills. westfield
  2. Hit some home runs…
    Now that you’re all fed and watered, maybe you’d like to challenge your mates to a little friendly competition? Home Run House is an awesome new addition to Westfield Stratford City – they’ve put batting cages in a bar to give you an All American experience you won’t forget. Step into the Big League Batting Cages where hi-tech software allows you to feel the thrill of hitting baseballs in real game scenarios in actual Major League baseball stadiums across America. And when you need a break from hitting all those home runs, just put down your bat and pick up a beer at the Budweiser Bleacher Bar and Theatre where you can enjoy classic bar snacks and watch live baseball games to your heart’s content. It’s time to play ball!westfield
  3. Doughnut forget the snacks!
    You’re probably ready for a little pick-me-up snack at this point in your day…we’d like to recommend doughnuts. They’re comforting, they’re delicious, and no one does them better than Krispy Kreme! Check out their new store in Westfield Stratford City to get your hands on your favourite flavours. Whether you’re a loyal fan of the Original Glazed or you prefer a Nutty Chocolatta or Lemon Meringue – there’s something for everyone. westfield
  4. There’s nothing selfish about self-care…
    Now, there are many ways to treat yourself at Westfield – from bougie brunches to delicious doughnuts – but if you really want to take it to the next level you’ve got to gather the perfect self-care kit… First things first, candles. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as lighting a beautifully scented candle, and you can find some gorgeous options at Candles & Oud or SpaceNK. Next, pick up some luxurious bath products from Rituals or LUSH, and keep your skin happy with some skincare heroes from Deciem, John Lewis, or Kiehl’s. Finally, pick up some supersoft loungewear (The White Company can help with that) and you’re all set for a soothing soak in the tub and a cosy night-in. Go on, you deserve it.westfield
  5. And finally, it’s time to feed your soul…
    To top off a lovely day out, save yourself the hassle of cooking and enjoy a tasty meal out instead. Westfield London Shepherd’s Bush has just welcomed an incredible new restaurant into the fold. Seoul Bird is a true homage to Korean soul food, particularly the all-important crowd pleaser that is Korean fried chicken. Enjoy finger-licking thighs, wings or tenders served with mouthwatering Asian slaw, or as a delicious Seoul Burger. The extensive menu also features bibimbap bowls, truffle tater tots and kimchi mac & cheese… um, yes please!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, get down to Westfield London Shepherd’s Bush or Westfield Stratford City and get back to living your life to the fullest!

Covid-19 health and safety measures will be in place and face coverings are mandatory at both centres, find full details of the Westfield London, Shepherd’s Bush measures here. And full details of the Westfield Stratford City measures here.

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