Seeing Double! 5 Hilarious Times The World Copied London

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Seeing Double! 5 Hilarious Times The World Copied London

We know London is an incredible place, so we’re not surprised that the world is keen to replicate some of our iconic landmarks. In fact, we’re flattered. Take a look at some of these pretty impressive replicas.


1. Tower Bridge in Suzhou, China

[The Guardian]
Suzhou, a city that’s rich in its own historic culture, is also keen to replicate landmarks from other cities around the world. And here is (above) is our beloved Tower Bridge. It’s not an identical copy of the original. This one has four towers and lacks a functioning lifting mechanism. Meaning no tall ships will pass under, sadly.


2. Taxi cabs in Shanghai

Shanghai liked our black cabs so much that they produced a fleet of their own. But it seems that they tried to get one up on us by painting their black cabs ‘gold’ (we feel they look more of a metallic beige). We hate to say it guys, but black never goes out of fashion.


3. Thames Town


Welcome to Thames Town – the replica and quaint British town in the heart of China. It’s complete with red telephone boxes and even Royal Guards. Have a look at more of Thames Town here. It is very spooky…


4. Big Ben in Kolkata

big ben

No, you aren’t looking up from Westminster Bridge. This version of Big Ben (don’t get picky with us about Big Ben not actually being the clock, it’s a colloquialism) is in Kolkata, India. The project began in 2014 and reportedly caused a lot of traffic congestion since it’s construction. Maybe it’s also responsible for all of London’s traffic?


5. 10 Downing Street

Ok, this replica is actually in our own city. Would you believe that you can find an identical version of the PM’s front door on Adam Street (just off The Strand). Hint for tourists: it’s easier to snap up a picture/pretend to be the Prime Minister in front of this door.

Featured Image credit: The Guardian

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