5 Of London’s Most Shockingly Expensive Cocktails

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5 Of London’s Most Shockingly Expensive Cocktails

If you thought the £14 you spent on a Cosmo at the weekend was dear, have a look at these babies. We’ve sorted them by price from low to high — just like when you’re internet shopping, amirite? Seriously though, do not get drunk and order any of these. Your Uber home is enough damage to your bank account for one evening…


5. B&B King at Purple Bar, Sanderson Hotel — £375

[Morgans Hotel Group]
This cocktail was extremely popular in the 40s and, rather aptly, it has been recreated using a rare 1940s Martell Extra and a unique bottle of 1940s Benedictine (that’s a herbal liqueur, FYI). Don’t wince too much at the price though, you’ll want to save some of that for the rest of the line up…


4. A Daiquiri at The American Bar, The Savoy — £600

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This classic drink would be no more expensive than any other if you were to pop into Be At One or Dirty Martini for a tipple. But The American Bar at The Savoy takes their rum very seriously and expects an awful lot in return (£600 to be exact). Using 1950s Bacardi, fresh lime and sugar syrup, you’d better hope they’re using the finest goddam limes you’ve ever seen.


3. A Sazerac at The American Bar, The Savoy — £5,000

[The Savoy]
We’re taking a huge leap here from the hundreds to the thousands as, for £5,000, you can wrap your lips around the Sazerac at The Savoy. Described as “a more sophisticated Old Fashioned”, the Sazerac takes the headline spot amongst the menu of Greenwich Vintage Cocktails. The ingredients include 1858 Sazerac de Forage, Peychaud bitters and absinthe from the 1950s. The fact that anyone would choose to drink absinthe — let alone pay 5k for it — is totally beyond us…


2. Salvatore’s Legacy at Playboy Club, Mayfair — £5,500

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[Out & About]
Mixed by leading bartender and Maestro mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese, this was once the World’s most expensive cocktail. Consisting of vintage cognac, kümmel, orange curaçao and Angostura bitters, this swanky beverage certainly doesn’t come cheap…


1. The Gigi at Gigi’s, Mayfair — £8,888

[Luxury Launches]
The Gigi at Gigi’s currently holds the trophy for World’s Most Expensive Cocktail. It’s quite literally the price of a brand new freaking car (we know which we’d prefer). Made with vintage Cristel champagne and a rare Armagnac brandy from 1888 (maybe that’s where they got the inspiration for all the 8s in the price tag), this drink was lovingly created for singer and actress, Grace Jones. Let’s just hope she appreciated it, eh?

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