4G Is Coming To The Tube, Removing Final Sanctuary From Constant Connection To Everything

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London Underground

RIP, ‘Sorry I’m just going into a tunn…’

…for full mobile signal is on it’s way to every last tube tunnel on the London Underground network.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has named this as a top priority over the next two years, according to the Evening Standard, with installation hopefully complete sometime in 2019. The technology is already being installed on the new subterranean Crossrail lines, and possibly involves ancient incantations and other heretofore banned magic of the night, although we’re not telecommunications engineers.

So it’s goodbye to the last remaining obvious time to read a book or just have a think about things, and hello to refreshing Instagram, Facebook and Twitter on repeat for another 25 – 30 minutes. While the person next to you has a really loud phone conversation over the roar of the wheels bouncing along the tracks.

But with us all gazing into our screens, it’ll be easier than ever to avoid eye contact.

[Photo: Sarahhoa]

Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

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