Over 1000 Amazing 3D Printer Owners Are Printing Face Shields For Key Workers

Katherine Notman Katherine Notman

Over 1000 Amazing 3D Printer Owners Are Printing Face Shields For Key Workers

Over 1000 Britons have committed to using their 3D printers to print face shields for healthcare workers and social workers.

This comes as the government announced that PPE (personal protective equipment) is on its way to hospitals, care homes and other facilities that need it. However, some healthcare workers have expressed concerns over the pace at which they are receiving this equipment. Some argue that they are not receiving it quickly enough, or in large enough quantities. (Featured image: 3D Crowd UK on Go Fund Me)

Photo: 3D Crowd UK on Go Fund Me

Consequently, a brilliant group of human beings with their very own 3D printers have stepped up to help those who need this protection. A pattern for face shields has been created and distributed, with more than 1000 people pledging to print them. This campaign has already been an absolute hit and the organisers have this to say about it:

‘WOW! what progress! the amount of support pouring in from around the country and abroad is huge! we have offers of filament, materials and transportation, the final tooling for the visors is complete and we expect them coming in this week. we made another delivery to a hospital, this time over 100 to Morriston hospital in Swansea. We have capacity in the thousands and our logistics are falling into line.’

Photo: 3D Crowd UK on Go Fund Me

Although these 3D printed visors have not been approved for use by the UK government yet, it is clear that this effort comes from the heart. Unfortunately, the money for this effort also comes from the team’s pockets. To raise funds for this campaign, they have created a Go Fund Me campaign. At the time of writing, this fundraiser has raised £45,126 towards a £160,000 goal.

You can read more about the campaign and donate to the cause on their Go Fund Me page!

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