We’re Getting A Four-Day Heatwave In London This Week With Highs Of 34°C

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We’re Getting A Four-Day Heatwave In London This Week With Highs Of 34°C

Londoners are set to bask in soaring sunshine later this week.

Prepare yourselves, for this weekend we’re entering almost uncharted waters. If last Friday’s (July 31) terrifically toasty 35 degrees wasn’t enough, we’re getting more of the same. Yep, that’s right, it’s going to be a four-day stretch of gorgeous weather in the capital this weekend. From Thursday to Sunday (August 6-9), London will see temperatures of 30, 34, 32 and 28°C on consecutive days.

One look at BBC Weather confirms that our beautiful city is set to enjoy some glorious, albeit slightly uncomfortable and sticky, heat as we cruise into the weekend.

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Cor, blimey!

Trip to Borough-hamas market then? Costa del Camden maybe? Whatever your choice, the weather is going to be a beautiful bonus.

Here are just a few of the places London will be hotter than this weekend: Barcelona, Ibiza, Crete, and Marseille. Not bad, huh? It’s the perfect time for a staycation, or perhaps a visit to one of London’s many rooftop bars? Or, more likely, a dip in one of these picturesque wild swimming spots to cool you down.

London sunset

We’ll get a comparatively shivery taster of 25°C on Wednesday, before diving full-throttle into the sweltering heat. Temperatures are also expected to remain in the late-twenties going into next week, too. Let the good times roll. Is it Thursday yet?

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