32 Struggles We All Face When The Clocks Go Forward

On Sunday 27th March 1am becomes 2am as the clocks go forward an hour to mark the start of Daylight Saving Time. Or, for a more positive way of saying it, British Summer Time. Woooo! In unison, Londoners will now race to the nearest ice cream shop, whip out their sunglasses and crack open the Pimms… But before you get excited about sunny evenings and trips to the beer garden, there are a few struggles you’ll certainly face tomorrow.


1. Wake up. Look at the time. Feel instant confusion.

2. You may remember that the clocks went forward and curse the fact that you’ve lost an hour of sleep.


3. AND an hour of your Bank Holiday weekend, which means an hour less of brunching

4. OR you forgot the clocks went forward entirely.

5. But your iPhone updated the time automatically… didn’t it?


6. You consider changing it manually.

7. But then you realise you have no idea what the fucking time is.

8. “Which way is forward again?” *Uses hands to visualise clockwise movement*

9. You go on Twitter to see if anyone knows the time…


10. Nope. You could try Big Ben’s Twitter account.

11. You consider calling the Speaking Clock. (Please say you remember the Speaking Clock?! Dial 123 on a BT phone line, dur!)

speaking clock
[She’s waiting for you call… Daily Mail]

12. You then contemplate trekking to the real Big Ben (yes, we know that’s the bell) to see what he’s saying.
[These guys were up all night moving the hands… Daily Mail]

13. Inevitably, you spend the whole day out of sync.

14. You’re even more confused when you can’t work out the opening times of your local Tesco’s.


15. You’ll forget when the last tube runs… Because you don’t know the time.

16. The buses are running an hour late too, apparently…

17. Pubs seem to be shutting an hour earlier.

18. But you feel like you could stay out partying ALL NIGHT.



19. You’ll Google the purpose of Daylight Saving Time to try and make sense of it.



18. What part of this is ‘saving’ daylight. You LOST an hour.

19. You could have watched an episode of GoT in that time.

20. Or flown from Gatwick to Amsterdam.

21. Or travelled from one end of the District Line to the other. (God knows why, but you could have, ok?)

22. At some point you’ll have to change the clocks around the house.



23. But you know the microwave will stay an hour behind.

24. Until the clocks go back again in October, anyway.

25. You’re tripping because it’s 7.00pm and still light.


26. You lie in bed wide awake at 1am in the hours of Tuesday, knowing that you have to drag your ass back to work tomorrow.

27. You worry that you’ll never sleep at a normal hour again.



28. But then you remember that it will be sunny (we should be so lucky) after work.

29. Beer garden season can officially start!

30. Which also means the London terrace pubs are going to be rammed…

31. So you’ll probably end up going home anyway, to avoid the crazy Spring evening-loving crowds.

32. And you’re still pissed about losing that hour.

clock smash


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