15 Times Drake’s Reactions Hilariously Summed Up Your London Situation

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15 Times Drake’s Reactions Hilariously Summed Up Your London Situation

Londoners, if you missed the “Listen to Old Drake Songs and Cry” event that took place at the beginning of this year, you’ll be pleased to know that the man himself is making London a big part of his European tour, for which tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 14th October. But if you can’t fork out over £100 for a ticket, don’t worry; we’re taking advantage of his meme and gif-abused face to give you this time to wallow in some sadness with Drizzy now.


1. When you *gently* push past tourists on the street.

drake swipe

2. But this is what you really want to do to them.

go crazy

3. Everyone’s passive-aggressive reaction when TfL told Londoners to “Stand on both sides” of the escalator at Holborn.

drake changes

4. When your hotline bling. And it’s your landlord.

drake spin
Or PPI [Giphy]

5. You trying to avoid eye contact with the man giving out NME.

drake duck

6. When you decided to take the stairs up Covent Garden tube. And regret it halfway.

drake take the stairs

7. And when finally get to the top.

drake celebrate

8. This sums up your relationship with your parents since the day you moved to London.

money offer
[Quotes Meme]

9. When you bump into two guys together on the Tube and you realise you’re speaking to both of them on Tinder.

drake cheeky

10. When you accidentally order an Uber Exec and need to make the most of it.

drake uber

11. When someone has the audacity to tell you to move down the carriage and you’ve got literally nowhere to move to.

drake outrage

12. When you dream of Freakshakes, but are too concerned about your waistline to get one.

lick lips

13. When you stumble into a garage night in Camden and just do your best to blend in…

nod funny

14. When live music is your only excuse to drink on a Tuesday.

drink complex



15. How you feel whenever you’re listening to Drake on your walk home from work. Alone. In the dark.

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