11 Of The Craziest Places You Can Sleepover In London

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11 Of The Craziest Places You Can Sleepover In London

We’ve made a list of ridiculous places that you can spend the night in central London; most of which we can’t actually take part in because we’re no longer pre-teens, but others that are strictly for grown-ups. Either way, they’re all totally bonkers and totally unaffordable…

1. The Hamleys Dream Sleepover!

Oh do we wish we were rich 8-year-olds right now! For the bargainous (!!!!) price of £4500, kids can set up camp in the city’s favourite toy shop for the night. Each sleepover is themed according to the child’s interests and they get a red carpet entrance, a sparkling OJ reception, a VIP tour of the store, a photoshoot, a treasure hunt, midnight movies, late night snacks, party entertainers, goody bags, and bedtime milk and cookies.

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2. Christmas Pyjama Party at The Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema in the West End is showing a series of all-night movie marathons. They’ve got a 720 minute long ‘Films That Inspired Stranger Things’ stint planned, but we’re most excited for the dusk till dawn Christmas Pyjama Party that’s coming up in November. Alcohol will be served until 3am, but they’ll be serving coffee throughout the night to keep you awake. The back-to-back line-up includes Home Alone, Elf, The Muppets Christmas Carol, etc etc! 

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3. Dino Snores at The National History Museum

You’ve watched Friends, right? So you’ll know that dinosaurs aren’t just for kids. The Natural History Museum hosts a grown-ups only Dino Snore sleepover for all you Ross Gellers out there. Snuggle up with the dinos, enjoy a complimentary drink and get ready for a night of adventures. They’ll be live music, a fancy three-course dinner, a treasure hunt, an all-night movie marathon and a chance to try some edible insects. And that’s not all! Depending on the itinerary of the night, there may also be some stand-up comedy or a gin tasting session (gin, comedy, dinosaurs… it all makes sense). 

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4. BedBUGS at London Zoo

Can you handle cockroaches and spiders? This deplorably named sleepover is only for the brave. London Zoo offer the opportunity for you to stay overnight in their Bug House and learn all about the creepy crawlies that inhabit it. 

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5. Young Friends at The British Museum 
[British Museum]

Another one for the kids (this just isn’t fair, is it?). On limited evenings throughout the year, the iconic London museum will take you through time and give you a monumental sleepover experience. Nights will have a particular theme and the kids can learn about different cultures and time periods through a jam-packed itinerary of fun and engaging activities.

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6. Astronights at the Science Museum
[Museums + Heritage]

Grown-ups assemble! Enjoy a night at the museum with exclusive access to the gallery after the kids and the tourists have gone home. There will be a midnight movie screening, interactive workshops, and a free drink upon arrival.

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7. Kip in a Ship, HMS Belfast
[Imperial War Museum]

Ever wondered what life is like below deck? Sleep on board HMS Belfast and immerse yourself in the ship’s history, including stories of the men who lived and worked on the ship during D-Day.

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8. Land of The Lions at London Zoo
[Specification Online]

Another London Zoo experience, but with less creepy crawlies and more big cats. Having launched earlier this year (and unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen, no less), the Land of the Lions is part of a brand new development that is now home to four critically-endangered Asiatic lions. There is now the opportunity to spend the night in the heart of the zoo, complete with an expert tour and luxury Indian inspired accommodation.

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9. London Tombs Ghost Hunt
[London Tombs]

If you’re not phased by ghosts and ghouls, perhaps a night at The London Tombs would be your idea of fun. With a deep dark history of torture and death, who knows what will be lurking beneath the city. Listen out for spooky noises and witness real life paranormal activity — just try not to scream too loudly!

Keep an eye out for new events! For more info click here


10. A night in Clink Prison
[Walk London]

Another terrifying overnight ghost hunting experience that’s not for the faint-hearted. Clink Prison in Central London dates back to 1144, making it the oldest in England, and there have been many stories of haunted happenings taking place since then. Ever wanted to try out a Ouija Board? Or witness poltergeist activity? Or maybe you’re a non-believer who needs a bit of convincing…

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11. Harry Potter Experience
[Georgian House Hotel]

Are you still waiting for Hagrid to deliver your letter from Hogwarts? Don’t fret because there’s still hope for you in the wizarding world…. well sort of…. I mean, it’s the closest thing we’ve got. Combine a Muggle Tour or a day at Warner Bros Studio with an overnight stay in the Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House Hotel. It’s certainly not cheap but it is a slightly more dignified way to feel like a wizard than running into brick walls at King’s Cross.

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