10 Raunchy Valentine’s Cards Every Londoner Wants To Receive

To all you London lovers out there: forget the teddy bears, the chocolates, the roses and the sap.

Show how much you care with one of these, ahem, super cute Valentine’s cards.


1. Be a little bit cheeky.

[Flickr | christopher_brown]

2. Or just get straight to the point.

[Flickr | Yusuke Kawasaki]

3. There’s no time for subtlety.

[Flickr | Killy Ridols]

4. So be an absolute minx.

[Flickr | Matt Buck]

5. Get downright dirty…

[Flickr | Alex Liivet]

6. We mean *really* dirty…

[Flickr | R/DV/RS]

7. Or maybe go for something topical?

[Flickr | Tom Page]

8. Or opt for an absolute classic.

[Flickr | Linus Follert]

9. Show them how much they really mean to you.

[Flickr | My Aching Head]

10. Seriously though, who said romance was dead?



Apologies for the a) absolute filth and b) terrible design skillz. I’m not a graphic designer, I’m a content writer, darling.

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