10 Laws You Won’t Believe Still Exist in London

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10 Laws You Won’t Believe Still Exist in London

Smuggling rabid dogs in your taxi? Thinking of carrying a plank of wood down the road? Sneaking some salmon around under your jacket? Well be careful, you might end up in a jail cell according to our research.


1) Finally feeling motivated enough to clean up your messy apartment? Be wary when shaking your rug or mat out of the window, it’s illegal to do so before 8am.



2) If you’re a taxi driver, it’s illegal for you to carry rabid dogs or corpses in the City of London. But drunkards with missing shoes who want to tell you all about their emotions are still legal, unfortunately.



3) Make sure your Oyster Card is topped up if you want to take a London bus, but don’t expect to be allowed on if you’ve got the plague, that’s still illegal here.



4) Got a taste for swan? Don’t go hunting them until you’ve asked The Queen first, she technically owns all the swans in London.

Queen and Swan

5) Salmon was once considered to be a very dangerous weapon in London, make sure you don’t get caught carrying it under suspicious circumstances!

Smoked salmon

6) Sorry ladies, but an obsolete nineteenth-century English law made it illegal for you to eat chocolate on any mode of public transport…



7) Politics bore you to death? Be careful not to die in The Houses of Parliament, that’s still technically illegal.



8) You’d have to be as thick as a plank of wood to get caught carrying one along the pavement. It’s apparently illegal, and you might end up with a £500 fine for doing so.



9) Ever wanted to know what those little electricity sockets on the Overground are for? Apparently they’re not for charging iPhones – something forty-five year old Robin Lee learnt the hard way a few days ago. ‘Abstracting electricity’ can get you 5 years in the slammer.

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10) Good news for pregnant ladies! You’re legally entitled to relieve yourself anywhere you want, thanks to a wee technicality in the law.





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