Over 1 Million People Around The World Have Now Recovered From Coronavirus

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Over 1 Million People Around The World Have Now Recovered From Coronavirus

Some great news as the UK passes the peak of the virus.

As much of the globe continues to fight the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s been reported this morning that more than 1 million people around the world have now recovered from the respiratory infection.

Outlined in figures gathered by Johns Hopkins University, a private research university in the USA, the numbers reveal that over 1.21 million of those who tested positive have now recovered, as of May 1 2020.

187 countries are recorded to have positive cases, with the United States topping the list with 1,070,032 confirmed cases as of May 1. Spain, Italy and the UK follow behind, with 171,253 confirmed cases now in the UK, and just 861 recoveries reported.

Other data reports 233,704 deaths globally – 26,771 of which are attributed to the UK, making it the second-highest death rate in Europe, closely behind 27,967 in Italy.

The report comes as Boris Johnson assured the UK the country was “past the peak of the virus”, and the public’s efforts during lockdown were beginning to pay off. The prime minister did, however, reiterate that they would not be lifting lockdown restrictions early, to ensure the rate of infection remained at a manageable level.

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