YES WAY! An Underground Adult Ball Pit Is Coming To East London!

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

YES WAY! An Underground Adult Ball Pit Is Coming To East London!

And its name is Ballie Ballerson. We are not taking the mick – although we do wonder if the guys who came up with the name ‘Boaty McBoatface’ have had something to do with it… (they don’t). If the thought of being chest-deep in 200,000 colourful balls, while listening to some Techno beats and sipping on a Pink Shrimp Daiquiri tickles your fancy, then November is going to be your month.

Ballie Ballerson, which is located at an underground space in Dalston, is launching on 4th November. There you’ll be able to entertain your inner child with the inflatable rings and foam props, while you tickle your outer adult’s fancy with the crazy cocktails and old school food baskets. How can this place get any better? Well, they also do a bottomless boozy brunch, which serves – wait for it – spaghetti meatBALLS (thematic, see?) and includes a ball pit game of hide and seek. HIDE AND SEEK?! It’s as if they’ve invented a time machine.

So if your favourite types of nights are the ones where you end up a little bit boozed and with a face full of balls, head to Ballie Ballerson, because they’re handing out 30 free tickets each night of their first week (4th-10th November).

Feature Image: Ballie Ballerson

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