Donate Your Old Coats To Homelessness Charities At London Train Stations This Week

Donate coats homeless london

The ‘Wrap Up London’ campaign will be out in force again this year.

Over 800 volunteers will be collecting Londoners’ old and unwanted coats at major train stations this week, on behalf of those who need them. [Photo: Pabak Sarkar]

If you’ve got a coat you no longer want, you can contribute on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings (Nov 12–14) between 7am and 11am, at Waterloo, Victoria, London Bridge, Liverpool Street, Kings Cross and Canary Wharf.

Wrap Up London
Photo: @rossdeane

The sorted coats are then distributed to charities who work directly with the homeless, the elderly, refugees, children and families living in poverty, and people fleeing domestic violence.

You can also donate at Safestores in Chiswick, Clapham, Notting Hill, Kings Cross until November 23, or the QEII Centre in Westminster.

For more information, visit the official website.

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