Want To Soar Above Hampstead Heath? Well Now You Can…

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Want To Soar Above Hampstead Heath? Well Now You Can…

Hampstead Heath, which proudly boasts a whopping 790 acres of land, is not only one of London’s gloriously vast green spaces, but also sits at one of the highest point in the city. The views of the skyline from Parliament Hill are well known to North Londoners and Instagramers alike. A slightly rarer sight, however, is Hampstead Heath and the surrounding area from above. (There’s no Shard to help you out this far North). With a little help from a drone, however, Eye Revolution have managed to capture breathtaking aerial images over the Heath, resulting in a 360 interactive photography project.

[Eye Revolution]
The team launched the drone near Parliament Hill, capturing views across the Heath, including the Athletics Track, Parliament Hill Lido and the distant London skyline. So you can soar and explore London’s grassy land, without taking a single foot off the ground (or bum cheek off your chair). You can check out the full, interactive project here. Zoom around, have a play and see what you can spot.

Feature image: Eye Revolution

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