This Shocking Tube Map Will Show You Just How Unaffordable London Really Is

We’re all aware of how unaffordable London rent prices are – hey, we’re paying them – but this tube map really accentuates the problem.

Homelessness charity, Shelter, has created a Tube Map of Affordability, where they’ve erased all the stations that are no longer affordable to the average renter. But – get ready for this – only 15 stations out of 270 on the London Underground network are considered genuinely affordable*.

Explore the (albeit very empty) map here.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nowhere in Zone 1 appears on the map. South and west London are basically no-goes, northwest London is extortionate up until Harrow, and north London is inhabitable until Finchley or Golders Green. East London appears to be your best bet, as the most options seem to be east of both Stratford and West Ham on the Central, District and Hammersmith & City lines. But is the longer commute worth it for the lower rent prices? (TotallyMoney have done some research into this, which you can see here.)

*This is based on official Government sources. See Shelter’s website for more details.

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