Swipe Tinder Left! This Dating App Is Serving Up Love Very Differently…

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

Swipe Tinder Left! This Dating App Is Serving Up Love Very Differently…

Is your want for a better love-life giving your thumbs repetitive strain injuries? Well you can forget the monotonous swiping on Tinder, which after a while dehumanises the hundreds of faces on the screen and becomes nothing more than a disenchanted game. The dating app, Once, is giving the online match-making scene a complete refresh, by focusing on quality, not quantity.


Using real-life matchmakers (yes, actual human beings who take the time to find you a suitable match), this dating app carefully selects only one match a day. You’ll get sent your new potential suitor at noon, so we can’t help but think of it a bit like Cinderella in reverse. Your fairy godmother – Once– brings a bit of romantic magic your way when the clock strikes 12. Then you can have a good proper look at them. No accidental swiping away the person of your dreams here!

And what if you don’t like your match? Fine, you move on. Once gives you the option to take matters into your own hands and choose your next potential suitor. But, if your match does tickle your fancy (and this is the exciting bit!) you’ll have only 24 hours to send them a message and hope they like you too.

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It may seem a bit cut-throat to be able to see exactly who has rejected you after being put on the spotlight for 24 hours. However, it means you do have the full attention of your match. If it’s not meant to be – c’est la vie! At least you haven’t been overlooked without a second thought. The clever thing about Once is that the wait for your next match creates anticipation and excitement, which over-crowded dating apps lack. The next one could be The One… Or not, but at least you’ll get a new person to eye up every day. Download the app here, to see your first match.
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