Why You Need To Slide On Over To The London Shuffle Club

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

Why You Need To Slide On Over To The London Shuffle Club

Last Tuesday Shoreditch’s edgy new hang out spot opened to the public – The London Shuffle Club. If you are familiar with shuffleboarding, it’s likely that you’re imagining a group of golden oldies (the kind who like to keep themselves relatively limber), slowly ambling back and down a lane to push disks. The London Shuffle Club breaks these expectations entirely. (In fact, when we tried it, it was way trickier than expected. Those oldies make it look easy). Located in a converted warehouse at the iconic Old Truman Brewery, beneath the chic neon lighting and cool wall art, you’ll find 8 shuffleboard courts, 2 bars and a food court serving up tasty pizza.


While sipping on one of their signature cocktails (we highly recommend Honey Boo Boo or Shuffle Dandy), you’ll be amazed how fun shuffling actually is. The game itself is simple… in theory. The aim is to use the tang (the long stick-like thing) to shoot the biscuit across the board so that it lands on a number. You then add up those numbers to work out the score, sounds easy enough right? And if Grandads and Grandmas can get it, so can you my friend. Eventually.


If you find that shuffling isn’t your thing, The London Shuffle Club is still an awesome venue to hang at, simply to enjoy the Prosecco on tap, live DJs, pizza and other fun games on hand.  Slide over to London Shuffle website for more info and to book your slot!

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