Single This Valentine’s? Luckily, The People On This Dating App Aren’t Full Of BS

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Single This Valentine’s? Luckily, The People On This Dating App Aren’t Full Of BS

Are you looking to fill a human-sized hole this Valentine’s Day? Someone to cosy up to at night and moan about the tube strikes with? Why not let The Inner Circle help you out…

There’s a high chance that you’ve heard of The Inner Circle by now — it’s the dating app that’s been flying around the internet for a while now, and it’s been getting quite a bit of shit for appearing elitist and pretentious. The general idea is that it gets rid of the weirdos, the time-wasters and the awkward chat up lines (although, let’s be honest, they’ll never disappear). However, we can kind of understand why some may deem the concept of profile screenings, exclusive parties and polo events a bit, er, wanky.

Of course we were sceptical when we initially heard about The Inner Circle, but we decided to shove our scepticism aside and give it a go. Fortunately, I made it through the screening process, after an actual human being checked me out on Facebook and LinkedIn to make sure I was legit. I was then officially part of ‘the circle’ and, much to my surprise, it made for a pleasant change to Tinder and Bumble (for starters, you don’t get the thumb ache). The people in ‘the circle’ aren’t the usual “DTF?” types, nor do they resemble the cast of Made in Chelsea — they’re just a bunch of genuine people who are looking for more out of modern dating.

Maybe the screening process does seem a little odd, but who isn’t guilty of having a good old nosey at the online life of potential suitors? The Inner Circle is effectively just doing the hard work for us. When you’re in, there’s no swiping or matching, it just allows you to message the people you want to talk to. Simple. They also throw a ton of events for their members, which gives you the opportunity to meet real people in real life (you know, like they did in the old days).

All we’ll say is don’t knock it till you try it! Sign up for The Inner Circle, it’s free to sign up, and you may well thank us later.

This article was sponsored by The Inner Circle.

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