Ride A Virtual Reality Water Slide Through Oxford Street

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


Ever wanted to beat the crowds and whizz down Oxford Street on a water slide? Well now you (kind of) can with Topshop’s new virtual reality experience.

Drop what you’re doing and make your way down to Oxford Street pronto, because Topshop have put on a pop-up that will have you whizzing down the street in style. Well, not literally, but we think you’ll enjoy this all the same.

Strap on a pair of virtual reality goggles and get ready for a wet and wild ride through Oxford Street. This 360° experience has opened in-store to mark the start of the summer season and is completely free to try. Topshop are even taking this experience one sensory step further by pumping the smell of suncream into the store to, presumably, get you in the holiday mood.

topshop slide
While the VR slide is open, you’ll also be able to grab an insta-perfect Milk Train Cafe ice cream. That should definitely help you cool off after all that adrenaline-fuelled excitement.

The pop-up is open now and runs until the 4th June, so you better hurry down to Oxford Street (preferably at an off-peak time to avoid the inevitable midday crowds) before it’s too late to join the party. Who knows, you might even bag yourself one of these bad boys:

Feature Image: Topshop

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