The Queen’s House Has Reopened!

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The Queen’s House Has Reopened!

The Queen’s House in Greenwich has been closed for refurbishment since July 2015, but it’s now open to the public once again! The house is said to be the first classical building in London, and it was designed by a bloke called Inigo Jones. The spiral staircase, known as the Tulip stairs, are also the first of their kind in Britain and they alone are worth heading to Greenwich for. The blue paint that covers the iron structure is made of crushed glass, a technique that had to be imitated during the house’s 14 month makeover (not quite 60 Minute Makeover, eh Pete?)

[Flickr – Son of Groucho]
As well as being a perfect example of stunning classical architecture, the Queen’s House is also home to a great collection of artworks spanning over 400 years, including the iconic Armada portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. And now, if you look at the ceiling in the Great Hall, you’ll also see the ambitious new work of Turner Prize winner Richard Wright in gold leaf.

[Royal Museums Greenwich]
If you’re into paranormal ghosty stuff, then it might interest you to know that the Queen’s House is thought to be haunted. This rumour started after a Canadian discovered ghostly figures in his photos of the Tulip Stairs. Since then there have been more and more reports of spooky goings-on.

The Queen’s House is free to enter and is open daily between 10am-5pm. 


Feature image: Flickr (mcginnly)

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