Ooo La La! A Naked Nightclub Is Coming To London!

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Ooo La La! A Naked Nightclub Is Coming To London!

We’ve already had a pop up naked restaurant, as well as a pop up naked rooftop bar (and the venues weren’t the only things ‘popping up’, we can assure you. And now, Jagerbombs, Justin Beiber’s latest banger and balls or tits and all the jiggly bits in between are on offer to London’s nightclub goers. Yep, we’re not lying, a fortnightly nudey night is launching at Soho’s Takeover Bar from the 7th of October.

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If standing buck naked in a room full of other buck naked people who are probably wobbling around dancing to ‘It’s Getting Hot In Here‘ doesn’t sound like a nightmare to you but rather some sort of dream come true, or fetish if you will, then this is definitely the night for you! Although nudiness isn’t mandatory and clothing is definitely allowed, it is not strongly encouraged. In fact, anyone willing to bear their necessities so to speak will be rewarded with a ‘bottle of bubbles.’ Now, usually bribing someone with a bottle of champagne to take their clothes off may seem a bit creepy, but when a cool London nightclub does it… It’s still pretty creepy I guess.

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All you free spirited London naturists are invited to be ‘tastefully body painted,’ so come on, keep it classy you bunch of naked drunk people. The night costs a fiver which we assume you’ll be carrying in your leather bumbag as it’s the only thing you’ll be wearing!


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