New Dockless Bikes Have Arrived In London To Rival ‘Boris Bikes’

Morgan Cormack Morgan Cormack


The oBike is an exciting new London bike hire scheme that’s been setting thousands of bikes loose this week.

Move aside Santander bikes cos there’s a new dockless cycle hire version in town. This new startup has been unleashing their bikes in east London as part of their European expansion.

The startup company from Singapore runs on an app-based system where users can download the app to locate the closest oBike. You simply scan a QR code to unlock the bike and then you can leave it in any designated parking area and manually lock it once you’re finished. Sounds simple, right?

Unlike the constant search for docks for those ‘Boris Bikes’ (that are officially named Santander Cycles), the oBike is completely station-less and relies on all that smart technology that we all know and love.

400 bikes were rolled out in Tower Hamlets in east London at the beginning of the week, with plans to expand all over London this summer. Prices start at 50p plus a refundable £45 deposit, with chances to claim benefits based on how well and often you ride an oBike.

For more information, visit oBike’s website or stay updated via their Twitter.

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