It’s not October but we don’t care – we can celebrate beer through the medium of a festive festival whenever the hell we want because it’s free world and we’re also not Germany. Prost!

Maciej Korsan

A bottle shop, a brewery and a pub in South West London have teamed together with aim of throwing a mini beer fest (The Route 37 Beer Festival to be precise) to keep the likes of you little boozers entertained and tipsy throughout the May bank holiday weekend. How nice, right? We Brought Beer Clapham Junction, London Beer Lab and The King & Co are where you’ll find freshly poured pints for the duration of the long weekend and they are all conveniently situated on the no.37 bus route. Piss easy.

Brian Chan

Entrance into the venues are free and each spot will be provide you with an awesome vibe, some live music, tastings and/or some with food pairing sessions. You’ll have to visit all three to experience the full works. All you need is your oyster card and a big-ass bladder. And by that I mean a large urinary bladder…not an ass-bladder, that’s just gross. Come on. For more details, see the event page here.

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