A ‘Mean Girls’ Musical Is Coming To London Next Year

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Mean Girls musical

Get in loser, we’re going to the West End.

Do you remember life before Mean Girls? Nope, me neither (it is, after all, the year 16AMG [After Mean Girls]). The film has, naturally, retained its appeal despite the elapsing years, but there’s winsome news on the horizon that’s aiming to keep the franchise fresh*. Yes, after the success of the New York version, news has finally arrived that the Mean Girls musical will be arriving in London in 2021.

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Mean Girls musical
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Details are pretty scarce, so much so that the only things actually known about the London show are a) that it’s happening, and b) that it’ll be arriving in late spring, 2021. For now, the best we can do is pull details from the New York show, so expect plenty of musical numbers you never knew you needed – tunes such as ‘Revenge Party’, ‘Meet The Plastics’, and ‘Apex Predator’, to name just a few hits. It’s also reportedly been updated for modern times, bringing the story into the 2010s whilst still keeping the zinging lines which made the film such a hit.

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Mean Girls musical
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This is no mere tribute, either: Tina Fey wrote the book for the musical, her composer husband Jeff Richmond provided the tunes, and lyricist Nell Benjamin, who’s worked on Legally Blonde, amongst other productions, furnished them with some catchy lyrics. We’ll bring you more information and potentially even tickets when we know more, but there’s further good news in the meantime.

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Mean Girls musical
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The success of the Broadway show has encouraged Fey and producer Lorne Michaels to transform it into a brand new film. Yes, that is the film version of a musical of a film, for those keeping score (and somewhat ironically, a minor plot point on Fey’s other smash hit, TV’s 30 Rock), but this one has songs. Songs about Glen Coco, Kälteen Bars, and “She doesn’t even go here!”, people!

Keep an eye on Secret London for further updates about the West End transfer!

*The crushing failure of Mean Girls 2 doesn’t count as “keeping the franchise fresh”, FYI.

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