London’s New Pop-Up Immersive Cinema: Cheerleaders And Slam Dunking!

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London’s New Pop-Up Immersive Cinema: Cheerleaders And Slam Dunking!

A triple threat in itself, the latest pop up cinema to come to London is showing the iconic ‘Love & Basketball’ on a 19ft screen to celebrate its 15th birthday on October 16th…and that’s not all! A visit from the British Basketball League’s London Lions means hooping, slam-dunking, arcade games, live cheerleading performances, street food AND FREE GIVEAWAYS! Come dressed in your fave basketball jersey or t shirt and get ready for an evening of alley-oops, DJs, film and FUN! And of course, our friends over at the Fever App have secured you the best deal. Give me a ‘B’, give me an ‘A’…


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Haven’t seen ‘Love & Basketball’? We’d go along anyway! An experiential cinematic evening doesn’t come around very often (Amacoast Cinema and ‘We Are Parable’ events have collaborated on this), and it’s going to be special. Just download Fever and book your ticket already! £20 for ALL that makes for a fantastic Friday night…you could even just come along for the delicious street food, arcade games and cheerleading mania if you wanted (we are!)


Of course, if you’re one of many ‘Love & Basketball’ fans (or should we say, brethren), there is no way that you’re going to (bounce) pass on this… We bet you’re already ‘dribbling’ over this fantastic evening…ok, ok, we’ll stop. But seriously, you were, right?



The immersive screening of ‘Love And Basketball’ will take place on October 16th at York Hall, 5 Old Ford Road, E2 9PJ. 

Featured Image Credit: Eventbrite.

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