London Will Be Hotter Than Barcelona Tomorrow With Temperatures Reaching 27 Degrees

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Been making the most of the sunshine before it inevitably ducks behind a cloud to hibernate? Well you can forget about that, because the high temperatures and bright days aren’t going anywhere just yet. In fact, according to Google Weather, London will be hotter than Barcelona tomorrow (July 17), with temperatures of 27°C striding into the capital. Time to even out that patchy tan!

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While Barcelona is lumbered with a comparatively arctic 25°C tomorrow, London will see a nice and toasty 27°C. Skies are predicted to be clear, making it ideal BBQ weather if you’re lucky enough to have a garden. A wander around London’s parks, lakes, and other beautiful spots should suffice if you can’t fire up the grill though.

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The lockdown is now eased, meaning many will flock to popular spots to enjoy the sun. This, of course, makes it extremely difficult to enforce social distancing, so if you’re making the most of the sunny spell, please remember to do it responsibly. Hey, it could be worse: we’re all too familiar with the concept of summer showers here in London…

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