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Ladies & Gentlemen

Ladies & Gentlemen is flushed with success – and they’re about to expand…

For several years, one of London’s quirkiest bars has sat beneath the streets of Kentish Town, hiding in a former public toilet. The aptly titled Ladies & Gentlemen, which transformed an old Victorian lav into a cracking cocktail bar, has been drawing punters for years, enticed by the prospect of top libations and witty signage:

Ladies & Gentlemen
All photos: @ladiesandgentlemenbar

In short, despite no longer being a public toilet, it’s still an excellent place to spend a penny (several, in fact). Amidst old porcelain and soft lighting, they whip up drinks like the 5 Boroughs – a smashing, albeit dangerous, blend of Hudson bourbon, campari, lapsang souchong, banana, and a naughty glug of absinthe. Equally intoxicating is the Emerald City Sour, which makes liberal use of Irish Poitín, and flavours of chartreuse, elderflower, and almond.

Ladies & Gentlemen
Photo: @ladiesandgentlemenbar

Ladies & Gentlemen’s thirst for the weird and wonderful spirits has led them to set up their own micro-distillery inside the bar. Taking pride of place amongst their homemade offerings is Highwayman Gin, a concoction which finds its way into a fair few of their creations. They also offer a Gin Club, which is exactly the kind of club we aspire to join; it includes a gin cocktail, a history lesson, and your very own distilled gin to take home. It’s no wonder Ladies & Gentlemen quickly became a beloved neighbourhood bar – and happily, they’re about to share that love with a few more neighbourhoods!

Ladies & Gentlemen
Ladies & Gentlemen’s swish new Camden digs. Photo: @ladiesandgentlemenbar

News has reached us that Ladies & Gentlemen have opened up a second branch in Camden – and true to form, they’ve moved into another Victorian toilet, wittily describing it as “our number two”. As with the original spot, they’ve kept the classic fittings whilst adding a few welcome touches, including a fully-stocked bar and micro-distillery. Now open for business Tuesday-Sunday, you’ll find the bar a stone’s throw away from Camden Road Overground station.

Ladies & Gentlemen
Photo: @ladiesandgentlemenbar

Ladies & Gentlemen aren’t done with their grand expansion plans, however. The bar has designs on opening a further six bars, all in upcycled toilets – with Hackney and Brixton amongst the mooted spots. Owner William Borrell is working with night czar Amy Lamé to identify some prime bogs for redevelopment, and we’re all for the expansion of this public convenience!

Location: 2 Highgate Road, Kentish Town, NW5 1NR. Nearest station is Kentish Town. See it on Google maps. The new bar is on Royal College Street, opposite Camden Road Overground station.
Opening hours: 5pm-midnight (Sun-Thu), 5pm-late (Fri-Sat).
Prices: cocktails are £9.
More information: on their website.

Featured image: @ratz86

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