There Is A Free Immersive Secret Party Coming To London This March

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There Is A Free Immersive Secret Party Coming To London This March

On the 20th March, a ‘Search Party’ is coming to London, which promises live music, swing dancing, food, drink and ‘surprises’…and a grand total of 4000 people. But there’s a catch (there’s always a catch…) – those that wish to attend will have to solve a series of riddles and tasks in order to find the hidden spot, with possible challenges including dance routines, taste tests and herding sheep. Lucky for us, we’ve recently brushed up on our shepherding skills……

A number of London parks, squares and high streets will form part of four, two-mile trails leading to the party’s secret location and clues will be revealing themselves in, er, rather surprising ways. A message in a bottle, an actor in disguise…who knows! The possibilities are endless. Other free or cheap activities planned around the event include yoga in the park, cycle trails, beekeeping workshops and an Alice in Wonderland Tea PartySearch Party is being organised by the not-for-profit group Sing London as part of Find Your London, a new festival that will take place from 18-28 March, aiming to get Londoners exploring their city further. Now THAT is something we are up for!

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