A Huge Ball Pit Is Coming To Town This January To Make Londoners Happy

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

A Huge Ball Pit Is Coming To Town This January To Make Londoners Happy

If the cold January weather, the lack of booze, carby food and general fun has got you down and binging on all the newest films on Netflix isn’t quite the same without a pack of Maryland cookies to demolish alongside it (damn you diet!!), you might think that this month is totally deprived of happiness.

And then you dive into a pit full of white, pearly balls, which – yes – we realise this sounds like a euphemism. But it could just also be your ticket to happiness.

From 21st January to 19th February 2017, the Happiness Team are running their Winter Happiness Festival, which proved to be extremely successful last year. This year, it will see the return of a metre-high pit filled with 24,000 white balls. The Ball Pit will be available to jump into for 4 weeks during the festival, which is taking place at the Museum of Happiness on Hanbury Street, just off Brick Lane. Visitors can book a 15-minute slot with the option of booking the entire pit for their group of friends, plus there’s even the option for businesses to book the pit for a team happiness meeting.

Tickets for the festival launch on Blue Monday, 16th January, at 6.00am – you can find out more and sign up through their website.

Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury St, Shoreditch, London

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