Hop Up To This Pop Up! A London Bunny Café Is Opening In June

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Hop Up To This Pop Up! A London Bunny Café Is Opening In June

London, get ready for a fluff-ball, cuteness meltdown moment. The team at Bunny Blossom Café are following in the footprints of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and are pairing tea time treats with animal petting right “hare” in our capital city!

Bunny Cafe – Bunny Blossom

This pop up café will run in Angel from the 5th June to the 11th July and is already home to several bouncing bunnies who are acclimatising to their new surroundings and getting ready for your visit. These long-eared fur balls are there firstly for your petting and viewing pleasure while you tackle an afternoon tea and secondly, it’s their new home where they will be cared for and loved while they wait to be adopted. Yes, these are previously disadvantaged bunnies that have been rescued from the some of the bastardy Mr McGregors out there and other less than desirable situations – they are now looking to be re-homed.

Bunny Cafe – Bunny Blossom

The fact that a cafe is allowing little rabbits to run around in and amongst unpredictable humans has caused some controversy however the independent rescue team have said: “The welfare of our rabbits is our top priority. We strongly agree rabbits are not accessories, and we will make that very clear to everybody that joins us at Bunny Blossom. We highly oppose the cruelty and exploiting of any animal, therefore all proceeds help with the costs of keeping the bunnies well fed and looked after sufficiently!”

They seem to have all the right precautions and safety measures in place to make sure these bunnies lead a better life than they had before. Honestly, sometimes it’s like you think we don’t carrot all…

If you’re interested in some bunny bonding you need to book in advance – see details on there Facebook page here.

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