Murder Is On The Menu At This Immersive Dining Experience

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Murder Express

You though the Piccadilly line was bad? Wait until you travel on The Murdér Express

Commuting is stressful enough without the threat of bloody murder hanging over your head, isn’t it? But that’s exactly what’s on the menu at the aptly-named Murdér Express, as their immersive dining experience involves priceless jewels, a former Masterchef champion, and killers on the loose. It’s enough to make Southeastern look like a breeze, and we’ve got your tickets here.

Murder Express

Climbing aboard, you’re probably expecting a delicious four-course meal – unfortunately, someone has elected to put murder on the menu too, so you’re going to be pressed into some detective work.

Famed archaeologist Dr Errol Earhart has been transporting the Jewel of the Empire, the world’s most valuable diamond, on board The Murdér Express. Sadly, he’s not the only one interested in it, and pretty soon everyone is a suspect – including you.

Murder Express

Whilst you’re beavering away to solve murders and recover this priceless jewel, you can sustain yourself with a smashing four-course dinner courtesy of Masterchef: The Professionals winner Laurence Henry. Featuring such dishes as gazpacho jelly with sourdough, chicken ballotine with black garlic and Jersey Royal potatoes, and an opulent strawberry and white chocolate jewel for dessert, it’s almost delicious enough to forget about murder. Almost, I said.

Murder Express

Find your tickets to The Murdér Express here.

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