Secret Productions, the guys who co-created Wilderness festival, and Wayward, the award winning landscape and architecture practice, are a power couple like no other. They have teamed up and adopted all the unwanted plants from Chelsea Flower Show and put them on a jetty for us flora fanatics to marvel at. Greenwich Peninsula have taken the tens of thousands of plants that were left over and given them a new floating home in South East London. The Jetty will be transformed into a leafy oasis along the River Thames, with stunning views of the city and a bar serving up appropriately floral cocktails.

[The Great Plant Rescue]
It opens to the public on Saturday 30th July and there’s a whole bunch of events happening across the summer; including live music, creative workshops and experiential supperclubs. For more information on what’s going on, check out the website here. However, it is important to recognise Farmopolis as more than just a fancy venue – it is also hoping to provide a place of sanctuary and sustainable innovation amidst the big urban city. So pop along, enjoy the greenery and witness the positive impact that Farmopolis is having on London and its future.

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